FRCertified - The brand for fire-retardant fabrics

The brand for fire-retardant fabrics

At INDETEX, we believe that textiles should be more than just pretty. That's why we've developed a range of fabrics with technical functions that result in a more comfortable and more pleasant indoor climate. 

What is FRCertified? 
The FRCertified brand consists of fire-retardant fabrics that enhance the daily comfort of consumers and professionals. 

The FRCertified fabrics

    Dim and reduce light. The darker the color, the more light reduction. 
    Acryl coated for a 100% darkening. 
    Allow light to pass through but offer full privacy in the evening. 
    Are mainly used in curtains. Allow sunlight to pass through while maintaining a level of privacy. 
    Protect windows from excess sunshine and heating during summer and heat loss in winter. Perfect energy efficiency during all seasons. 

The advantages of FRCertified

  • An additional 20% acoustic insulation when adding several thin layers of FRCertified fabric. 
  • A temperature reduction of up to 6°C during summer
  • 45% additional energy saving during wintertime. 
  • Extra noise attenuation
  • Full blackout

This is why you choose FRCertified fabrics

  • Consist of flame-retardant fibers and are thus very safe.
  • In case of fire, the spread of fire and smoke formation will be reduced to a minimum. 
  • Comply with all national and international safety standards.
  • Reduce the noise intensity thanks to their special construction, focused on sound insulation and absorption. 
  • Isolate up to 42% better than without (our) curtains. 
  • Block up to 53% of solar heat.
  • Reliable fabrics that comply to high quality standards.
  • Minimum warranty of 10 years on all FRCertified fabrics. 


  • Hotels
  • Health care
  • Public buildings
  • Education
  • Meeting rooms
  • ...