About us

Who is Indetex?

Qualitative as reference

Indetex is thé reference when it comes the curtain fabrics.

With our blackout and dimout curtains we can guarantee a  flawless protection against outside light and a perfect protection against see through at night.  This enhances the feeling of comfort. 

Our soundproofing curtains ensure an acoustic protection against outside noise.  In addition the sound is muted from the inside which creates a pleasant living space. 

But the high-quality fabrics of Indetex also have an isolating function and offer protection from large differences between inside and outside temperatures.  

Pleasant living also means safe living, and so Indetex created a fire retardant line called  FRCertified which prevents a rapid spreading of fires.  

Decorative design


Apart from technical perfection, we also aim to please visually, and so Indetex is always developing new collections in a contemporary design.  

For this, we regularly collaborate with external designers who seek to incorporate futuristic designs into your interior. 

Discover our collection here. 

In addition, we would love to talk to you to devise all-in-one solutions to al your challenges.   

At an affordable price


Indetex loves to think with you.

We use functionally sound solutions adapted to your budget.  

Not because of the design but because of the prestige.

That is why we continually seek to offer the best solutions at the best prices..

In addition we know the quality of our products and we give a sizeable warranty on all our fabrics.  This ensures that you can enjoy your investment without worries.  

Logistically unbeatable


Indetex operates from Mouscron, on the borderline between Flanders and Hainaut province, on the logistical crossroads of Europe. 

With an extensive stock supply we are able to deliver quickly to all our customers.  

Our logistics crew does its utmost to deliver quickly and efficiently in Europe and beyond. 

In addition the presence of a nice machinery park ensures a maximum customized approach.