INDETEX - The reference in quality


THE reference in quality

INDETEX is thé reference when it comes to curtain fabrics.

Our blackout and dimout curtains offer flawless protection against outside light and nightly see-through. This creates a feeling of greater well-being for your customers. 

Our sound insulating curtains and linings increase the acoustic comfort. They avert the outside noise and muffle the inside sounds thus creating a pleasant living environment. 

INDETEX' high-quality fabrics also have an insulating function and protect against high interior-exterior temperature differences. 

Pleasant living is also safe living. That is why we developed the FRCertified-line: flame-retardant fabrics prohibiting the rapid spread of fire.

Decorative design

Apart from technical perfection, we also aim to please visually, and so INDETEX is always developing new collections in a contemporary design.  

For this, we regularly team up with external designers. They create the most future-oriented designs for the living spaces of tomorrow.

Discover our collection here. 

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At an affordable price

Indetex loves to think with you.

We use functionally sound solutions adapted to your budget, which is why we always offer you the best solutions at the best prices. 

In addition we know the quality of our products and we give a sizeable warranty on all our fabrics. INDETEX: a carefree investment for customers to enjoy. 

Logistically unbeatable

INDETEX operates out of Moeskroen, on the border of Henegouwen and Flanders at the logistical crossroads of Europe. 

Our extensive stock guarantees fast delivery. 

Our logistics crew does its utmost to deliver quickly and efficiently in Europe and beyond. 

In addition our machinepark allows for made-to-measure orders.