The INDETEX products are produced under the strictest quality requirements. Should something go wrong, the following warranty conditions apply.
The warranty always relates to the technical qualities of the product.
Warranty start date
The effective date of the guarantee period is the date of first delivery of a property where the product is placed or 6 months after the invoice date of the purchase by the customer. The first occurring date applies here.
Exclusions from warranty
·         Flaws in the product within the acceptable norm of 10 errors at 100m.
·         Improper use of the substances.
·         Use of the substances outside the designated restrictions.
·         Damage to the product caused during transport or storage.
Nature of the guarantee
The warranty only gives the right to free replacement of the defective substance / product. Consequential damage is not included in the warranty conditions.
Treatment costs
For INDETEX products, in principle € 50, - intervention costs apply per placement. If after investigation it appears that the complaint can be blamed on INDETEX, the intervention costs will not be charged. If, after investigation, it appears that the cause of the problem is not due to the INDETEX product, we reserve the right to pass on the costs incurred.
Complaint period
Complaints must be reported to INDETEX in writing within 8 days after the complaint has been established.
Return shipments must be notified in advance to an employee of the commercial office staff.
Indetex sends a document (RETURN VR / 18 / xxxxx) by e-mail as a confirmation.
You must attach a copy of this document to every package.
Goods must be packaged in a sound manner to prevent damage during transport.
Roles where the document (RETURN VR / 18 / xxxxx) is missing or which have been damaged during transport will not be processed for credit.
Please keep the document that you receive from the carrier for receipt as proof of collection. The number of collis collected must be clearly stated on the document and signed by the driver for receipt.